Question My GPU drivers turn my monitors off ?

Jan 17, 2023
Recently while playing games my monitors would lose signal after about 30 minutes - 2hours but my pc stayed on, once i restarted, both my monitors start up but only my primary stays on. In device managers it disables my drivers. And when i open amd software it says "windows may have automatically updated drivers that are incompatible with this version". I then reinstalled my drivers and the issue would persist. Now instead of the 2 hour wait it happens almost immediately after downloading drivers. I've tried disabling windows automatic driver updates, different drivers, updated my bios and chipset, different pcie cables into my gpu, different power cable and power points, resetting windows, testing if it happens on each monitor by them selves, ive checked that my ram is installed, ive turned down the frequency to base on my gpu. is it a gpu problem, psu, some setting that i accidently fiddled with but id imagine resetting windows would reset it.

My specs:
MSI b450 pro gaming carbon wifi
r5 3600
rx 570 4gb
thermaltake 750w bronze
16gb of corsair vengance lpx
500gb samsung 970 evo plus