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May 4, 2017
Hi everyone.
I am having trouble with my Nvidia RTX 2070 Super (MSI Ventus OC). I can still RMA it as it has warranty until 15th October. I haven't done any overclocking on the GPU or CPU.

It started when I was in the middle of a mission in GTA V. My screen froze and the audio got choppy., then after a few seconds the PC rebooted and everything looked and worked fine. I removed my drivers with DDU and reinstalled them.

Recently I was playing another (much less demanding) game and the screen froze once again and a couple of coloured patches appeared on the screen, a few seconds later a BSOD showed up with the error being VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE. Then the computer booted into windows, showing arrays of green artifacts ( View:
). I unplugged the displayport cable and tried to plug it back in, but there was no signal. I then reseated the GPU and the display went back to normal, no artifacts at all.

I tried to get the GPU to crash again so I can have more proof that I'm having problems. I've ran furmark with max antialiasing for 30 minutes , ran memtest64 for an hour and did several rounds of VRAM stress tests. No problems were reported then.

Yesterday I ran memtest64 for a bit and I got the same bluescreen as the first ( View:
) and green artifacts once again ( View:
) ( View:
). In addition there was a yellow triangle next to my GPU in device manager ( View:
). Games or Furmark wouldn't detect it either, and while the display was at 1080p resolution, some of the system animations seemed very slow (not 144hz). After rebooting once, I got to the windows troubleshooting screen. After rebooting once again everything is working fine.

I don't want to RMA the card only to hear that there's no trouble with it, so should I maybe check my other components or send the 2070 Super off anyway?
Thank you in advance! :)

My specs:
Corsair TX550M PSU (550W 80+ Gold)
Motherboard: Gigabyte B560M DS3H v2
Processor: i5-11400f (stock clock)
RAM: 2x8GB PNY XLR8 Low Profile 3200Mhz 16GB
SSD: MSI Spatium M390 500GB
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