Question my gpu is lazy xD

Dec 1, 2021
My gpu usage is always very low in any game...yet it wasn't a real problem until I downloaded days gone and I found that my gpu usage is very low on the low~mid settings it gives 40~60% usage and when I unlocked the fps and raised the graphics to high and very high it gives 85~93% usage with many fps drop because the usage is dropping too and it drops from 90% to 8% or something ....and It gives 20% usage in valorant
My build is Gtx 1660 super oc 6gb \ ryzen 5 1600af \ 8gb ram 3200hz \ no ssd only 1tb hdd
note : my pc is not overheating while playing it is always normal


Jun 14, 2014
Sounds like you're games are running CPU limited.
The fact that GPU usage goes up when you turn up the settings supports that. Especially if your fps don't really change with that.
As said, monitor CPU/GPU usage during playing. Note that it doesn't take 100% CPU usage to be CPU limited. Basically 100%/no of cores. On the Ryzen 1600 you're looking at 12 threads so 100/12 = ~8-9% usage in task manager can already be the limit, if the game only uses one core.
While I'm not sure about Days Gone, Valorant is known to be rather CPU intensive and not scaling well over many threads.
Also many modern games (and Windows 10) will have quite the disk access, which might explain your frame drops. Running of a mechanical drive is just plain slower than from SSD. Having GPU usage drop together with it is a good indicator that the game wants to load something and has to wait.