Question my gpu is not preforming as it should / gpu usage at 0% and spiking / missing radeon options.

Oct 25, 2019
i just recently bought a brand new rx 570, i plugged it into my pc and installed the drviers. once i did this i launched some games to benchmark it and to my surprise it runs extremely easy game such as csgo and league of legends at around 30 fps, now i know csgo is a cpu intensive game but not that bad.


cpu: fx 6300
Ram: 8GB GDDR3
Gpu: Rx 570
Power supply: Corsair 750w psu
Motherboard: msi 970 gaming.

now i know my parts are not the best however ive got wayyyy higher then the fps im getting now with a wayyy worse graphics card so im at a loss, i checked the gpu usage and it would go from 0% then spike to a random high number then back to 0% (0% most of the time) also please dont mention drivers trust me i have done 100 different methods of uninstalling drivers and reinstalling drivers 200 times still not fixed. its a brand new graphics card so i would like to believe its not the problem but at this point i dont know what is. i researched online and the main idea i think is that its a power option that needs to be changed however in my radeon catalyst the power option including the advanced settings button just doesnt exist so for whatever reason i have less options then others. once again peoples solutions is drivers but ive used programs like DDU ive done that and redone it 100+ times. please help