Question My gpu is still hot despite undervolt(Asus Rog M15)

Jan 21, 2022
Good morning. I do not know what to do. I have an Asus Rog m15(GU502) with an i7 10750h and GTX 1660 ti. When I first bought it the temperatures were high. I was able to undervolt and go from 88 degrees to 79 or so. It turns out that using the computer the charger shorted out and I had to wait about a month to order another original. I had deleted everything to see if they could apply the guarantee, but I was in another country. When the new charger arrived after a month I restarted the computer and this time I connected the charger to a voltage suppressor to avoid future problems. I reinstalled the MSI Afterburner but it turns out that now in demanding games the temperature does not drop below 89 degrees. I made a thousand configurations to the voltage curve but still I can't get it to lower the temperature. Can anyone have an idea what is causing my problem and how to fix it? Sorry for my bad English but I'm not a native speaker
88-89C sounds like a perfectly reasonable temperature for a laptop GPU, as nobody wants a laptop that sounds like a hairdryer. That's probably even the design temperature so the fans won't even turn on until it gets near there.

nVidia GPUs have automatic overclocking in the boost feature, and the frequencies will automatically increase right up until the thermal limit allowed by the fans at max. By undervolting, you have allowed the GPU to boost higher than before so you get better performance, but the same temperature
Jun 26, 2021
I would still try and go thru the different settings to see if maybe you can get the undervolt working again like you had previously or maybe try and adjust the fan curve because that is a little on the toasty side despite being a laptop. There ar a ton of different things to check that may be limiting it in Afterburner settings or nvida control panel settings or power settings but start at afterburner to see they usually have a unlock checkbox somewhere that might allow it to work.Make sure that the power settings in nvida control panel and windows are set prefer maximum performance or high performance mode.