Question My GPU keeps resetting my monitor back to 60hz after a while when I'm gaming ?

Mar 28, 2022
ive been having this issue for a long time, i kinda just learned to deal with it

i haven't been playing games as much recently so i kinda forgot about the issue, and it doesn't happen with most lightweight games, but i recently got back into fortnite and it happens SO often on that game, and it always did in the past as well.

pretty much what happens is, i'll launch up fortnite, my monitor will be set to 144hz, everythings all good, but once i'm like maybe 2-3 games in (sometimes it happens the first game on) my monitor will all of a sudden go black for like 3 seconds, come back and it seems VERY laggy, i alt tab to my desktop and when i move the mouse around i can clearly tell its back to 60hz. so im there just annoyed and i go back to my display settings to change it back to 144hz, but it STILL says its at 144hz, so i have to click 60hz, hit apply, then hit 144hz again and apply. then everythings okay, i go back to fortnite (or whatever game) play for a couple more games, and it happens again. i have to go and reset it etc

idk if its my graphics card doing this specifically, i'm just assuming it is because thats what the hdmi to my monitor is plugged into.

my pc specs:
graphics card - sapphire radeon rx 5700xt
cpu - intel core i9-9900k 3.60ghz (running at consistent 4.50ghz+ though)
corsair ram, 32gb total
power supply - 750 watt evga, i dont think its certified
motherboard - republic of gamers strix b365 gaming lga 1151
i just have air cooling, 7 fans including cpu cooler

if you need anymore information please just ask! thank you for anyone who tries to help me with this issue, much appreciated.