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Question My GPU might be fried.

Mar 22, 2019
I am a first time pc builder, but I like gaming, and i’ve watched enough videos to get by.
I put together my system about a week ago, and everything was working. I tried some overclockingg, but then turned the settings back because I didn’t want my fans going that much. I played mostly games that were easy on the graphics at first, just because I don’t have any others, and they worked fine.
Today I tried to play destiny 2. I had it from a while back, and I downloaded it last night. For about five or ten minutes, it worked fine, but then during one of the cut scenes, my computer crashed. I don’t think there were any load pops or anything, and I had checked the temp of my card a couple of minutes before, and it was at about 61 Celsius. When I tried to turn the system back on, the leds on my cooler foivkered on for a second, and then cut off.
I then started trying to find he problem. I unplugged all unnecessary pieces (my keyboard, mouse, hdmi, and the power to the gpu). The gpu was still seated in the pcie slot, just without power. I turned off the switch on the psu, turned it back on, and the computer appeared to turn on fine. I don’t fully know, because I had unplugged the hdmi, and because non-apu ryzen doesn’t have integrated graphics.
I then tried a combination of things, and I found that the problem is definitely gpu related, and that the computer turns on as long as the 8 pin pcie power to the card is not plugged in, even if the card is still in the slot. The psu occasionally makes a funky noise when you try to turn on the computer with the gpu power plugged in.
Any thoughts? My first thought is that the gpu is fried, and I might be able to return it to amazon and say it was dead when I got it, but I wanna know other options before I pick that battle.

Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix b450-f
CPU: Ryzen 5 2600
Ram: 16gb g.skill trident-z rgb 2400 MHz
Cooler: Corsair h100i pro
Video card: XFX rx 580 8g (I think it’s the xxx’ed one, but they are all about the same)
PSU: Seasonic 80+ bronze 620 watt
Storage: 500gb Samsung 860 evo

Edit 1: Amazon reviews look like I’m not the first person for this to happen to.