Question My GPU suddenly died ?

Mar 31, 2021
So suddenly today, as I was trying to play Risk of Rain 2, my computer just instantly crashed, something as if the power went out. My lamp stayed on so my power didn't go out. Possible power surge maybe?

When I rebooted my computer, there was no picture. I did some basic stuff like unplug and replug the monitors to see if that fixed it, nope. I plugged in my DP and HDMI to my motherboard ports and lo and behold there was an image.

I noticed that my computer no longer recognizes that my GPU is installed, despite me not touching it.

So I tried reseating the graphics card, I tried swapping the 8-pin AUX power cable and even plugging it into a different compatible slot on the PSU, and still nothing worked. I also tried moving the graphics card to another PCIe slot and still no picture from it.

My specs are listed here In addition I also have an Elgato HD60 Pro and another 1TB M.2 SSD installed, if relevant. If it also matters, my computer is plugged into a power strip and not directly into the wall.

For more context, this build is from November 2016 which means this build is at a decent age already. Is my GPU just toast then?