Question my gpu temp goes high when recording gamplay with OBS ?

Feb 15, 2021
Hey guys i need your help OBS is getting my GPU temp high / when I'm playing game:the forest my GPU temp is around 50° - 60 but when I start to record it with OBS it goes around 75°-78 I'm recording at 1080 with 30 FPS on OBS I tried to lower my resolution in game and from high to medium but it didn't work I guess it's OBS setting because GPU is new and cool in other games can you guys help me to lower the GPU temp I know 78 is somehow but is it safe when I record gameplay around 5 hours with that temp is it going to hurt my GPU my GPU is asus gtx 1660 oc 6g i use msi afterburner with custom curves so when it reaches 70 my fan speed is also at 70 is it normal or i have a bad cooling system? Thank you