Question My GPU usage goes down when in demanding situation in games

Feb 15, 2021
I have a problem with my GPU that cause low fps in all my games.
My GPU is an:3060ti Gigabyte EAGLE OC
My Cpu:AMD 3600
My Motherboard: AsRock B450M Steel Legend
My ram: 2x8 DDR4 3000mhz ADATA XPG Gammix
My PSU:Corsair RMx White Series™ RM750x
I tried reinstalling windows,drivers but it didn's seem to work.
I started noticing this problem when I was playing Minecraft with my friends,I had only 200 fps when I was looking at my house and my GPU usage was at 30-40% but when i looked at the ground I had 1200 fps and my GPU usage got up to 90-100% i tried changing things in Nvidia Control Panel,I tried lowering down my game settings but it was lower than before.My CPU,Motherboard and GPU will not pass 65 degrees.When I'm in benchmarks the GPU spikes to 100% and it runs perfectly,the problem occours only when I'm playing.I tried performing an clean instalation of the Nvidia Drivers but same thing.
Are the RAM modules in the second and fourth slot next to the CPU? If not, you are advised to install them at those slots (A2 and B2 as per your motherboard's manual). From the userbenchmark it's the RAM that performs lower than what it should.
You have reinstalled windows so that rules out most software issue. Check to see if you have a BIOS update and make sure you have the latest Windows update which is 20H2.