Question My graphics card does not boot. Could this be a motherboard issue?

Jul 25, 2019
PC specs:
MOB = msi b350m pro-vdh
CPU = Ryzen 3 1200
GPU = Gigabyte GTX 1060 3gb
RAM = 8gb corsair vengeance DDR4

Recently i have been having some issues with my PC. One thing to note first is that the motherboard I am using has debug led's bult in that show the startup process and if something has gone wrong. My issues started with my RAM which was indicated my the leds on my motherboard as the RAM light was not showing up. I re-seated the RAM. the PC didnt work a first but multiple re-seat's later it worked but only half of the RAM showed up ont the PC. Another re-seat and everything was fine.

The PC continued to work for a few weeks untill recently when I went to boot up and there was no input recognised on my monitor ( I have tested and the monitor is not the issue, nor the HDMI cable). looking at the MOB the RAM and CPU leds were on but not the GPU. I re-seated the GPU and cleaned it out of any dust. tried different power cables and everything else I could think of but nothing worked and the GPU would still not start up.

My question is wether this is a sign that the GPU itself is dead or dying or that it may an issue with the mother board? As indicated witht the previous RAM issues.

Thank you in advance for your Advice.


Mar 15, 2018
I believe its still your ram that is the problem.
Try remove all rams then brush clean the sockets the best you can with a clean toothbrush.

If you work on the ram itself use a wrist earth connection to the PC casing to avoid static damage to the ram.
This is no joke !

It may be you have a tired PSU, if you have access to another PSU, you should defo try a swap.