Question My graphics card fan is spinning but no signal is showing on the monitor. But after removing heatsink and fan its working

Nov 29, 2022
Hello , I hope all is well with you. yesterdau i bought a gpu called rx 580 8gb. I worked with the gpu for one day without any problems. But when i turn it on the other day, the gpu doesnt give signal to monitor. So i decided to remove the heatsink and fan and run without the heatsink and fan. Without the heatsink it just started working. But i dont know what is the problem. Without the heatsink and fan its working well. but after installing the heatsink and fan sometimes its working but sometimes its not. Please i need help. I hope you will understand my english
My pc specs Core i7 4790 8gb ran Msi Rx 580 8GB 500W power supply
Nov 18, 2022
It seems there is a bad contact between the solder balls on the memory or the gpu chip.

Depending on whether it is hot or cold, I may or may not work due to expansion. Also, the pressure that the heat sink is putting on the gpu can cause it to work or not.

Maybe a reflow is requiered. But it can be other things also.., bad contact on PCI rail, or the DP or HDMI cable is bad or is not making a good connection. Check this last things first