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Question My GTX 590 only detects one card.

May 12, 2020
I have a GTX 590 (yes. it is old af) that is sitting on my shelf for about a month now. Last week I tried to test the card and it worked flawlessly although the temps were quite a bit high (96'C). After running Far Cry 3 for 10 minutes, the game completely froze and I have to force shutdown my PC by holding the power button. After that when I tried to boot to Windows it seemed fine but the card only detected 1 chip on GPU-Z & Device Manager. What could be causing this problem since old drivers didn't solve the problem? is it 1 of the chips? or the memory controller?

I suspect that 1 chip is dead because now the card runs full load without any problem with my FSP Hexa+ 500W Bronze PSU. Thanks in advance

PC Specs are:
Ryzen 5 1600
ASRock B350 PRO-4
Corsair CX650M

*Also, how could this card still be running, I've heard that if 1 of the 2 Dual-GPU chips died that's it, you're done. An explanation would be greatly appreciated.