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Question My hard drive freezes anything that related to hard drive

Nov 14, 2019
Long story short i knew my HDD was not doing fine, so i decided to format the disk from Disk Management with a quick format, normally it shouldn't take long but after waiting for 2 hours my Disk Management got frozen so i decided to close the program and shutdown my PC after that I'm not be able to boot while that hard drive is plugged in, i can't format it, i can't clean it, it doesn't let me go into safe mode, i can't even do it in cmd, i tried everything even EaseUS software but it froze that too, basically it freezes everything that is related to cleaning or formatting the disk.

I don't see any solution for this but if you have one please help me with this annoying problem.

I'm using windows 10 Pro x64
my hard drive is WD 1TB