My HDD is showing poor read performance while in a caddy

Jan 31, 2019
Hey everyone, I have a problem with my HDD performance after the caddy installation. SSD is INSIDE the laptop and HDD is in the caddy, SSD works beautifully and HDD hits speed of 3 MB/s on CrystalDiskMark, but write speeds are jumping up to 90MB/s!!!!
I also switched the sleep switch and there is NO difference. I have a USB to SATA connector and when I used it, the HDD works PERFECTLY at read speed of 76 MB/s and write speed of 75 MB/s. That means that my HDD works fine. I doubt that the caddy is faulty although I don't exclude that as an option.
My laptop: DELL Inspiron 17 5767, my hard drive: TOSHIBA MQ01ABD100,
my USB-SATA connector: Logilink USB 3.0 to SATA adapter
my caddy: Logilink 2nd SATA HDD Caddy.
It doesn't show any other issues while in the caddy. Does anyone reading this has any idea of what could be the problem???
And before you say SATA interface differences, BOTH SATA 1 and SATA 2 maximum speeds are faster than 76 MB/s.
And yes, I meant MegaBYTES, not MegaBITS