Question My Household has had ping issues even after replacing the router


Aug 1, 2017
Hello, so for the past few weeks my brother and i have had troubles playing video games, watching videos, etc on the internet due to what seems like ping spikes. Whenever i play games i used to get around 45 ms but now i have a constant 80-150 ms, sometimes spiking up to 250. I am not plugged directly into the router through Ethernet, but my brother is and he is having the same problems. i did what this guy was talking about and used the command prompt. My first and third hops are consistently good, but my second hop (which is in his words my ISP) is what seems to be the problem. Whenever i ping it using the command ping -n 100 "the code for the second hop" it will go between mid 30s to mid 150s. (I can add pictures of the cmd if you want). How do i fix the problem of my ping? I called my Internet Service Provider and they said some stuff about my modem being old and i should buy a new one... But i don't feel as if the modem is the particular problem.

Diclaimer: Yes i have restarted my router and modem many times and even replaced my router to no avail.