My hp G60 laptop can not connect to internet using ethernet cable


Jul 13, 2011
i have an hp G60 series laptop but i have trouble connecting to internet using Ethernet cable;
please help~michael


Jun 27, 2011
Hi newcomer,

since you were not clear, I did look on the internet for other users having ethernet problems. Looks like most are having ethernet only problems, wireless being fine for the most part. HP then recontacted some users saying that the ethernet card was probably doomed, and that a system recovery "could" resolve the issue if it's not a hardware failure. Seems like it did not work for any of them. Also uninstalling ethernet driver and installing the latest has not work at all.

BUT, a user found out after the system recovery:
System recovery did not fix the problem, they were all set for me to send it in for a lan card replacement. I found out the next day from another tech that there is a setting that should be set to automatic and after the system recovery it is set to manual. Under control panel, go to admin tools and then go to services. All the way at the bottom there is one that says wired and then wireless right below it. Both should be set to automatic and started. I had to do a system recovery again last night and when I restarted, the wired was back to manual.
Also the next user found out a solution by removing norton products as it modify important ethernet settings. Of course I myself used Norton many versions of their antivirus, firewall and also Norton 360. And sometimes when Norton would crash the ethernet would be "blocked" by Norton as with no antivirus/firewall the computer is not safe. This is a "feature" of norton that could be ruining your life. Also Norton tends to make the processor work at 100% when it crashes, and you need to restart for the computer to be usable again. At that time, I've been a company technician helper and this company used norton 360 on all computers. I can tell you that every single computer was losing internet anytime from minutes to hours of utilisation. Also they were running so slowly it was no bearable, so we needed to remove norton 360 from every 63 computers in the office :-O It corrected everything right away after we installed either kapersky or McAfee instead.

Reading on the internet really points to norton products being scrap... again ... even years after I kicked those products for these kinda strange behaviors. The latest version of Norton seems to be even more scrap than before :-O To stop that anarchy, never use norton again and uninstall any norton products by going to this link:

Norton Removal Tool

If that is not your issue, please be more specific and give out more information on your problem. But I really think this applies to you. Isn't it??



Feb 4, 2011
Yes, we need a little more info. Is it a brand new laptop, did it just happen all of a sudden, have you installed anything recently (hardware or software), windows updates. But anyway, some general stuff, right click My Computer>Manage>device manager(left pane), click the arrow next to "network adapters", then right click your LAN driver (something to the effect of "ethernet controller"), then uninstall. Restart the laptop and give it a try.


Mar 16, 2012


I also had an issue with my Ethernet connection no longer working. I have an HP G-60-237 dual core Intel. The wireless has never been a problem, but one day the ethernet port quit responding.

I read the responses about the services in Admin called "Wired Auto Config" and made sure that was on. I tried going back to a restore point before I had the issue, I tried re-installing the driver, updating the driver. None of these worked for me, but are all good suggestions.

What finally corrected the problem was running a registry cleaner. I saw a link to a free one (check out the fee version) of ccleaner. I did all the suggestions and let it fix the system.


It worked for me, maybe you too ...


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