Question My HP Omen 16 Advantage Edition randomly shuts off while playing Yakuza 0 ?

Nov 25, 2021
My HP Omen 16 Advantage edition randomly shut off while playing Yakuza 0, asked on Reddit and they said it's a problem with the AMD Radeon ?

I just got a HP Omen and have had some problems (detailed below) and I posed it on r/GamingLaptops and they seem to think it's a fault with the AMD Radeon graphics card and that I should return the computer to get a model with a Nvidia graphics card instead. Thoughts? Below is a copy of the Reddit post that I made that details everything.

"I've had my gaming laptop for about two weeks, in that time I've been pretty busy so I hadn't really played a lot of games. The other day I decided now was a good time to start Yakuza 0 and it ran great until it suddenly shut off without warning. I turned back on the computer (after letting it sit for a while) and tried Yakuza 0 again, once again it ran great for a while before shutting off again (in a shorter timespan as well).

My computer should be able to run this game (I've checked on "Can I Run It?" and it's far beyond the system requirements. Also note that Yakuza 0 is the most graphically intense game I currently have on the laptop because I had a <Mod Edit> little laptop before so I got Yakuza 0 only after getting this laptop and knowing that I would be able to play it).

I made a post in r/HPOmen about the issue and the only person who responded there said " I heard that rog strix advantage edition has same issues. Seems like an amd driver issue, yet not solved. I suggest you to return it and go with a rtx model". Not sure if that's important but thought it would be good to include what the first thoughts of the first person who responded was.

Also not sure if this is important but the temp runs at a solid 50 c when surfing the web in "balanced" mode (although sometimes it does spike up to 68-ish). When I opened Yakuza 0 a third time (just to play it for a short amount of time for temp recording purposes) the temps immediately shot up to 85-92 in the small about of time I played. Then when I began combat the graphics card temp shot up to 100 C while the CPU stayed around 80-ish. 100 C cannot be normal!

I'm not really sure what's causing it and I'm considering returning the laptop, does anyone know what could be causing this?

Various info: (I don't really know a ton about laptop hardware so if there's anything else that would help let me know and I'll try to find the info and put it into this post) :)

Laptop - HP Omen Advantage Edition 16.1" Laptop

RAM - 16 gigabytes

Storage - 1T

Processor Model - AMD Ryzen 7 5800H

Graphics - AMD Radeon RX 6600M

System - Windows 10"

Thanks for the help.
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