Question My HP Pavilion Laptop will not charge above 55%

Jul 13, 2019
So I purchased an HP Pavilion 15-cc563-st laptop to use for school and I have used it for two years with no problems. Recently, the 5400 RPM hard drive had really been slowing it down, so I replaced it with a Crucial MX500 256gb ssd. Now the OS works fine, and the laptop boots perfectly. I have no other problems other than this battery issue. It varies in the amount that it charges up to, sometimes 55%, sometimes 65%, and I am really confused why. It will just reach one of those percentages and then stop and say "Not Charging." I have done things such as reinstalling that battery drivers, running a full battery check with the HP Diagnostics in the UEFI, and nothing has worked. As I am writing this I have noticed that my laptop has stopped charging at 39%. I though it might be worth mentioning that I have no third party battery manager. I have included a battery test file (Link to Battery Report) in case it might be needed. Is this a simple setting that i need to change in Control Center? Or do I just need to replace the battery? I am interested to hear what you all think. Thanks!
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(1) Remove the Battery and unplug the Power Adapter

(2) Press and Hold the Power Button for full 1 Minute

(3) Go ahead and put back the Battery and connect the Power Adapter

(4) Now look for "Plugged In Charging" message on the Battery icon

If you are still facing the same issue
(5) Replace the Battery If Health Check Status shows Replace
(6) Update the latest BIOS for your Notebook from HP Support
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