Question My HP Pavilion Laptop will not charge above 55%

Jul 13, 2019
So I purchased an HP Pavilion 15-cc563-st laptop to use for school and I have used it for two years with no problems. Recently, the 5400 RPM hard drive had really been slowing it down, so I replaced it with a Crucial MX500 256gb ssd. Now the OS works fine, and the laptop boots perfectly. I have no other problems other than this battery issue. It varies in the amount that it charges up to, sometimes 55%, sometimes 65%, and I am really confused why. It will just reach one of those percentages and then stop and say "Not Charging." I have done things such as reinstalling that battery drivers, running a full battery check with the HP Diagnostics in the UEFI, and nothing has worked. As I am writing this I have noticed that my laptop has stopped charging at 39%. I though it might be worth mentioning that I have no third party battery manager. I have included a battery test file (Link to Battery Report) in case it might be needed. Is this a simple setting that i need to change in Control Center? Or do I just need to replace the battery? I am interested to hear what you all think. Thanks!
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