Question My HyperX Cloud2 headset broke down. Can I get a new replacement or do I have to buy a new headset?

Jul 14, 2019
I've had my headset for around 2.5-3 years at this point, and I havent been too kind to them. I traveled with them a lot and stuff like that. Unfortunately, the headphone jack broke. Do you know if I could get a replacement directly from HyperX? Or, can shops repair the jack for you?
Besides that, if the jack is repairable, I'd also need new leather for the headset, as it wore out aswell, pretty badly at this point. Where can I buy some if HyperX can't replace my headset?

If the headset is not repairable, what headset would you recommend to replace them ? I've been satisfied with these ones. Something good both for music and gaming, if that's possible.


You can contact Hyper X support and find out what the warranty is on your headset, but physical damage is not covered by warranty if it was due to handling (say pulling on the cord).

Yes shops can repair the jack, if it's worth it, you will need to ask around some local computer places. If by "leather" you mean the pads, there are several after market pads that will fit it.

Or get a new one, the Cloud II Pro red is on sale now at BestBuy for $30 off Pretty good deal for $70 I think considering new good quality pads will run you almost half of that price just for them.

If it was my set and it was messed up as much, I'd replace it for the $70. Those are not very travel friendly, they don't fold much, you may want to get a decent pair of earbuds/IEMs for travel. I suggest the Tin T2 which are on sale now at Amazon
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