My i3 2100 reaches 80 degrees


Feb 11, 2012
Well just a month ago I assembled My new bui thanks to Tom's n its members. Here are my system specs:
CPU: Intel Core i3 2100
Motherboard: Intel H67BL
GPU: Sapphire HD 6670 1GB DDR5
Cabinet: Cooler Master Elite 430
PSU: Cooler Master Silent Pro 500W
HDD: WD 500GB Blue Caviar
RAM: Kingston

I use this build for gaming. My problem is that My CPU temp reaches 80 degrees while gaming. I played James Bond Blood Stone at 1080p at high with 2x anti alias for 2 hours. And it usually does reach around 75 to 80 degrees when I game at 1080p for an hour or two. I want to know is this normal? If not then what could be the problem? What are the normal i3 2100 temps gaming and non-gaming?
And just for info. My cabinet has a side fan, a front fan and a psu fan. All of them blowing air out of cabinet. Please help. Thanks in advance.
Now I have one front fan and one side fan blowing in & one rear and one top fan blowing out.
And My temps. are around 69 now. It's a year now and I have played many more games till now.


Feb 5, 2010
of course it is overheating

you are pushing air out of the bigest air gaps in the case

if you wanted to make it any worse you could tape up the gaps not where your fan is

swap the front fan around so its an intake and that will lower temp.

you need air coming in to replace the air going out


Mar 6, 2012
Intel spec's the 2100 temps @ 69.1 degrees C. (I'm assuming you're talking centigrade with your 80 degrees) so you're running way hot.
Are you sure your HSF is seated properly and that you didn't mess up the thermal compound that was factory applied?
Your case fan situation needs some work also.
With your case I'd add a rear 120mm fan for exhaust, at least 1-120mm fan on top for an exhaust (it'll take 2 if you want) and a 120mm side panel fan blowing fresh air in. If your front fan is acting as an exhaust you must have changed it from the stock (which should've been blowing in). That would be a good start.