Question My internet connection keeps dropping out then coming back

Sep 23, 2020
Hi guys, my internet connection keeps dropping out then coming back. Within 60 seconds it spends about 10 seconds online and 50 seconds offline, randomly coming back then cutting off several times.

The set up is like: wall outlet>modem>router1>router2>PC when I am accessing the internet with an ethernet connection on my PC. Very inconsistent internet access, lots of dropping out. Unusable.

The set up is like: wall outlet>modem>router1>(device) when I am accessing the internet over wifi with a phone/tablet. Better than my PC's connection but still inconsistent, lots of dropping out. Unusable / barely usable.

I tried this: wall outlet>modem>Surface PC and when I did that there were no drop outs at all. As far as I could tell as a layman, the connection was perfect.

I also tried turning the modem and router off at the powerpoint, waiting over night, then trying again in the morning and the issue persists. Tried it waiting 10 minutes as well and the issue persists.

Edit: some extra info. Router 1 is a new router recently purchased. The old router had the same issue. The modem, router 1, and router 2 are all Netgear.

My goal: have consistent internet access when accessing the internet from my PC with an ethernet connection as well as from a phone/tablet with a Wifi connection.

Any advice is appreciated.
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Looks like you've done some good detective work and if it's good straight from the modem, it's definitely not your service, so it's the routers.

If you haven't factory defaulted them (I know reconfig is a pain), try it and see if that fixes the problem. If so, then they might have been infected with something.