My internet connection says i am connected but I cant access the internet


Jun 15, 2013
I got on my PC the other day and found that I could not access the internet when I opened my browser but my computer shows that I have full bars connected to the internet I have no Idea what to do Ive checked my drivers restarted my modem and restored my pc via system image but still no internet. please help
First off the bars means you have a connection wifi, wifi is not the internet.
Wifi is a wireless technology that allows you to connect wirelessly from your pc to the router, wifi is just a wireless cable. Thus you have a good wifi connection to the router, what you do not have is a good connection from the router to the internet.

First off is there any other computers in the house so we can see if it is a problem with your computer or the internet connection as a whole?
When you said restored your system via system image do you mean you used system restore point, or you have a backed up hard disk drive image and you restored that (If you do not know then it is the 1st one and not the 2nd one)?
Ok, it is quite possible that you still have viruses as many of them embed themselves into driver files or parts of your hard drive that do not get effected by system restore.

system restore does not change your entire computer, all it does is changes the registry keys back to what they where at the time of the restore point, thus all the files (including the virus) is still there. When system restore does stop the virus it is just because the virus was not as sophisticated and thus can not do anything without its entries into the registry keys.

You should scan your computer with malwarebytes and also download kasperskys tdsskiller. It is most likley that if you go to internet options, and under connections it has proxy server check box checked but the address is greyed out with nothing there.

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