Question My internet is unusually slow

Dec 2, 2022
Hi everyone,

So Up until 3 days ago my internet worked perfectly in this house could download on steam at around 8-9mb/s games were fine to play and the boom it sh*t itself now im lagging constantly in games to the point i can not play anymore... I did a speedtest and it says im getting around 50-60mb/s and 20mb/s upload.

I live in a house share with 6 people so i understand the strain however untill my room mate returned from holiday the internet has been horrific and its worth noting me and this guy do NOT get along i would go as far to say i think hes somehow throttling my speeds if thats even possible idk im just having a nightmare with it and if anyone can navigate this poor grammar please help me :)

The speedtest numbers mean you should still get 7-8 MBYTE rates. A bit slower for download but it will not cause lag in a game. Most games need well under 1mbit most are closer to 300kbit so you have more than enough bandwidth.

What generally causes lag is either packet loss or large random spikes in the latency.

Try running a constant ping command to and see if you get loss or latency spikes over 100ms.

You can also run a constant ping to your router IP. You should pretty much always see 1-3ms with no loss. If you are running on wifi then is is extremely common to get lag in games because of interference both from wifi signals outside you house as well as other users in your house.