Question My internet only on my computer is lagging all of a sudden

Jul 19, 2019
There has been no issue with my internet as i normally play games with around 10-20 ping but within the last week or so i have been getting not stop connection issues. Normally if this happens i reset my router and its back to normal however i have done this numerous times and it doesnt work. The ping i have now goes keeps going up and down from 20 up to 300. Is it my wifi adapter that could be causing the problem? Also my wifi adapter suddenly switches off and cannot detect any wifi connections. as soon as i unplug and plug it back in it works?


Sounds like the adapter is a good place to start. Might also be worth exploring is the USB interface driver. Meaning, perhaps the adapter only appears to be the problem because you're focused on the absence of available networks. When you again have a problem with the adapter, before you unplug it, check Device Manager to see if the adapter is being seen by Windows. If it isn't, click the Scan for new hardware button. If it is detected by Windows, replace it. Or perhaps Powerline adapters could be useful to you.