Question My internet speed keeps on dropping to zero when downloading

Aug 27, 2019
My internet speed keeps on dropping to zero when downloading. Speed is okay, but it keeps on dropping to 0 mbps.

Sometimes its 50 MBps, sometimes 0 MBps. It is like this all the time, so on steam the graph is up and down like a roller coaster track. This is not like this on Steam only, other apps like Epic game store and Uplay experiencing this as well. I'm using a Cat6 internet ethernet cable, what is wrong with my connection?
Run speedtest from a number of different cities and watch closely as it runs. You should see this fluctuation in speed if the problem is a actual network issue. Also try to download a large image like a win10 image from microsoft. Use the resource manager network tab to watch the download rates.

This seems to be very common for steam to do this. From what I have seen it might be related to the game that is being downloaded. I know I have downloaded 2 different game on 2 different machines at the same time one would stall out at 0mbps and the other ran constantly. When deleted the games and reversed it the "problem" moved to the other machine.

I have found steam and many other game launchers frustrating in how they function. Even when they work correctly the seem to spend more time preparing to download and setting up the game files than they actually do downloading the game.