My Keyboard and Mouse


Jan 19, 2014
So i recently played some Counter strike as i usualy do when i have time for it. And i use a Corsair k70 RGB, and it has a switch at the top behind. Wich you can asign color schemes for your keyboard to, and i have different ones from1-5 of the switches to just switch between now and then.

So the problem aroused from this, i turned my switch from 1 to 5 because those are the ones i usualy switch between, and after that i tried to just jump in and keep playing CS, but to no awail my keyboard AND mouse suddenly just stopped working. And since they didn't work i had no way of closing the game to go out of it and check if it was only the game causing the issue, so i just pushed to power button and restarted the PC, in hopes that it would be working afterwards. And as i was booting up into Windows and getting to my "put in your password" screen, both keyboard and mouse was lightning up and working, which they were not before turning the PC off. So i thought it would work. But as soon as i got the screen to click on to go on and type my password. Both my mouse and keyboard turned their light of and stopped working.

I'm not any good with computers at all, so i would honestly need some help if i can fix it through i think it's called BIOS, because in there my mouse and keyboard works fine. But not after Windows starts up. Or if i just need to go and get my PC reformated.

Not quite sure of what to do. But help would be truly appreciated.
Feb 17, 2018