Question My Keyboard goes crazyyy when connected to PC (Corsair K55)

Mar 15, 2019
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Hi everyone,
few weeks ago, I built a new PC, installed OS, drivers, games… and everything worked brilliantly. Until now. All at once my keyboard (Corsair K55) has decided to randomly start typing letters and numbers when connected to PC. However, when I connect it to my laptop everything is fine.

Till now I tried:
  • Reinstalling the drives
  • Trying Corsairs software iCUE
  • Resetting the keyboard to factory spec (holding FN + F4)
  • Windows recovery
  • Win10 reset (resetting the PC and deleting everything)
  • BIOS reset aka. CMOS clear
  • Trying older BIOS versions
  • Trying to install fresh win form USB (but didn’t bother with it due to keyboard going crazy even in windows installer)
Its worth mentioning that keyboard behaves the same in OS and BIOS.
At this point me and google are out of ideas. Hopefully someone over here can figure it out.
My specs:
Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite
2x8GB G Skill Aegis DDR4 3000
Ryzen 5 2600
Old but gold GTX 970
Be quiet 500 Watt System Power 9

Thanks in advance