Question My lalptop crashes at 55 c temperature.. any idea about the problem?


Aug 20, 2015
Hp 15-g018dx
Cpu AMD A6-6310
Gpu AMD Radeon R4 graphics
Ram 4 GB
OS Windows 10
4gb ram means system had only 3gb to work = freezing problems.

A6-6310 can handle up to 16gb ram.

Thats all, get more ram, but that laptops had no expansión bay so you Will broke the warranty, or go to a technical service to upgrade the ram. Or dismantle the keyboard plate as your own risk to literally remove the motherboard and change the ram.

You can ADD ANOTHER 4GB MODULE TO GET 8GB TOTAL (it had to be 1600mhz like oem) its very cheap, or ad 4+8gb... remember this cpu dont support dual channel, the fastest memory is to get 1x8gb (CL9@1600=CL11@1866) with very low timings (gaming memory) because it helps the GPU to work faster. If your HP see different ram speeds it Will lower them to 1333 and gpu Will work very slow…

Mines goes up to 80ºC ( very overclocked) and still not crashing.

Upgrade your ram, 3gb its absurd low on windows10 (remember 1gb its locked for the gpu)

With 12gb ram i can play Destiny2 and memory hungry games (with very low fps, to trade or do social events when i cant use my Xeon Master Race and had to enter on laptop).

Anyway, install the old AMD drivers from HP support site, are the best ones, and when the laptop Works fine, update the bios too (its risky to do if your laptop freezes now, dont upgrade bios if you can break your laptop if freezes).

I had no problem or crash on Win10 with any driver, old ones or crimson, all perfect (but older with catalyst works better and you can configure more things)

And remember this CPU had two power modes as "stock": energy saving that makes it ultra slow at 1.2ghz but good battery life, and Turbo speed going from 1.8 to 2.4ghz, check what speed your cpu is going, but all its about the ram, 4gb only = crashes.

Best regards, if you want something to know about A6-6310 send me a PM if you wish.
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