Question My laptop freezes when I open anything with gpu

Jun 20, 2019
So I bought a new laptop with 1660 ti 6 gb, and it was okay until today. This morning it started to freeze when I opened a game. So I've formatted the laptop, updated or downloaded every single driver. But the laptop still freezes upon opening any game. And I realized that it doesn't happen when I run chrome except that I run it with the "high performance nvidia processor" option, if I do, everything freezes and I have to restart the computer by pressing the power button. And the laptops system monitor doesn't show anything about the gpu (%0, N/A °C).

System specs:
6GB GDDR6 Nvidia GTX1660Ti 192-bit
(2X 8GB) DDR4 2666MHz
Intel Coffee Lake Core i7-9750H
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What's the exact Make and MODEL number of your Laptop ?

Please try to install the OEM VGA drivers from your Laptop Manufacturer's website. For Laptops, in case of any performance/stability issue, it is recommended that you try installing the VGA drivers directly from the OEM manufacturer.

Check the laptop's exact model number, and go to manufacturer's page to download/install the GPU drivers.

EDIT: Also make sure you install/update all the system's firmware, BIOS, device drivers, and other similar updates needed for your Laptop.
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