My laptop has been sent in for repairs 3 times and hp wont replace it what shoul


Sep 14, 2009
My laptop(hp dv6000) has been sent in for repairs 3 times and I am havivg the same issues(black screen at start up, gets really hot, and wireless is not working) tech support is worthless, I finally spoke with someone who could speak english and they put me with a case manager. The case manager refuses to replace my laptop but, will send me out a box to repair my laptop again, for the 4th time. This is getting so ridiculos! what should I do? Can any one help?
I feel your pain. I have had horrid luck with HP in the past. Oddly enough, all three machines died from too much heat exposure. My last one, the infamous tx1000 series had a mother board failure and the warranty just expired. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. I wrote letters and email galore, of course, to no avail. Like many, I even wrote one to the Better Business Bureau.

If they continue to thwart you and if you can afford it, check out a local computer repair shop. If the shop is competent, they have most likely dealt with the issue before and may be able to help you out, possibly without having to buy a new MOBO.

My guess is that if the DV6000 uses the NVIDIA chipset, the leads on the chipset have detached from the MOBO from too much heat, hence causing your issue. Either that or something else is fried.

For the future, I would stay away from HP; at least that's what I did.
I would raise unholy hell. Make them pay for shipping and repairs, so it's no cost out of your pocket. Demand to speak to everyone's boss until you get to the top of the food chain where someone can help. Explain that if they don't replace it, you will never buy their product again and you will advise everyone you know of how they treated you. The cost for them to keep repairing your laptop will eventually cost them more than what it's worth for them to deny a new one.

If you get a new one, put it up for sale. Use the $$ to build your own.


Jun 1, 2007

All Nvidia based HP Pavillions DV2000 and 6000's have a high rate of failure due to a BGA problem with the video card GPU.

I have had atleast 20 hp dv2000/ 6000 and they are a night mare to fix - just like the xbox 360 ring of death - they keep re occuring.