My Laptop has Win10, i want to put Win8 on it, how?

What's your laptop model?
Have a Windows 8/8.1 installation media and if you don't have it then:
Download and install the Windows 7/8 USB DVD Tool
Go to the Windows 8/8.1 download site and get the Windows 8/8.1 64-bit iso
Use the Windows 7/8 USB DVD Tool to create the Windows 8/8.1 USB installation media.
You might need to disable secure boot in the BIOS

After installing Windows 8/8.1 you will notice that drivers will be missing. Download the drivers from the laptop manufacturer website or from the Microsoft Update Catalog

If your laptop came with Windows 10, some features might not work as intended if you Install Windows 8/8.1.
It might freeze hang, and show BSODs.



Mar 14, 2018
Why? ... There is nothing in Win8 that is better than Win10.

If you must have Win8, why not get a VM going that uses the Win10 as the hypervisor/host OS, and run Win8 as a guest OS.



What laptop is this?
New ones with a current CPU don't support Win 8.1 or earlier.

Plus, you'd have to actually purchase a whole new OS license.

And repeating the above....why?
Feb 2, 2019
hi, thanks for your answers

-I dislike the Win10 surface
- I want the classic start menu
-I dont want the apps on my desktop, i find them annoying, i want to have the normal desktop with a picture
-actually it does not matter if its 8 or 10, i just want the surface of Win7, Win8
i upgraded my old PC from 8 to 10, and it looks awful, it also did lag every now and then
-i have a license of win8 from my old PC

Windows 8 and Windows 10 have similar interface.
You could just right click each tile and remove them from the start menu.
In case you have tiles on the desktop, maybe it is in tablet mode.
You could perform a Windows 10 clean installation . Lagging could be cause by the upgrade from Windows 8 to 10.
You could keep Windows 10 and have your Windows 7 look by following USAFRet advice.

Feb 2, 2019
What exacly is a win10 clean installation?

And this Classic start menu also has a Classic Explorer ?

And does the CPU on my laptop support Win 8.1 at all?



1. A full wipe and reinstall

2. Unknown. Play with it and see

3. Unknown. What OS did it come with?

A clean Windows installation will wipe everything on the drive and you will have a brand new like experience. Sometimes even better than new experience, since manufactures install a lot of apps (sometimes they constantly run in the background) you might not even use and those will also be deleted.
You will create a Windows 10 installation media using a blank USB flash drive with at least 8GB capacity .
ou could create a Windows 10 installation by downloading and running the media creation tool from Microsoft website.

Insert the USB flash drive of at least 8GB capacity.
Select "Create installation media for another PC"
Select Language, Edition and Architecture that matches that of your PC.
Select USB flash drive and after clicking Next, it will download and created the Windows 10 installation media.
Boot from it, and select Custom install, and delete all partitions on the disk.
Click next to install Windows.

Yes, Classic Shell also has Classic Explorer

It might, but to avoid headaches, I suggest you go With Windows 10
Back to your original post. It's probably not worth the hassle of trying to install Windows 8 on your new Windows 10 laptop. Driver and chipset incompatibility issues are 2 of the key concerns. All of the issues with Windows 10 you stated are cosmetic. There are lots of guides on the web to make Windows 10 look and act a lot like Windows 7. Just search for "make windows 10 look like windows 7". Here's a couple: and
Yes, that's the new Windows Mail, did you try it to see if you like and if it fulfill your needs?
To get Windows live mail, you need to install Windows Live 2012 and during setup just select Windows Mail.
Windows Live Mail 2012 will no longer work (synchronize emails, contacts, and calendar events) from email accounts powered by ending in,,, or
Feb 2, 2019
I have WLM on my old Laptop, but its with the old icon, and I still can synchronize emails with etc...

Does it not synchronize emails with Win 10 then?

What's the version of WLM you have in the old laptop?
According to Microsoft, they stopped syncing WLM with email accounts ending in,,, or It does not matter the OS.
It still works for other email clients.
See article here

Windows 10 Mail app works with any POP/IMAP email client (Google, Yahoo, iCloud, Exchange, ).
Feb 2, 2019
I did read this too, that it will not synchronize emails anymore, but it does.
You can set "allow other apps for synchronize emails" on the emails settings page
I have WLM 2012 Build 16.4.3528.0331


If you are happy with WLM 2012, then you could install it on the Windows 10 laptop.
If you cannot find the installation file, then PM me and I will provide it for you.

Windows 10 has its own built-in Mail app and you don't need to download it.
There isn't a new WLM available since 2012. In case you find one online is fake and could be malware.



That refers to where you download it from.
"Classic Shell itself wasn't compromised. FossHub was and some download links were replaced by another program, not signed, that do only one thing: overwrite the MBR "

Look here:

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