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Question my laptop is damaged by overvoltage

May 29, 2020
first, i'm not nation using english.
excuse for my english.

my laptop is damaged by overvoltage maybe.
it should needs 5V, i connect it 12V.
. ofcourse, ampare is different.
so, i drived my laptop on high power.

at time connected, there was small spark and burnt smell.
i took out charging jack immediately.
and i took to peices.
one tiny part of ic panel is burnt.

i think that is a part of safe circuit.
i can turn on my laptop nomally but not charging.
maybe... i think motherboard and most of circuit are alive, only safe circuit is dead.

in my local, repairman say that cant be repaired.
however i want to find way.
the way i seek for that part ( maybe that is fuse..? ) and i solder it is impossible?
help me.
if you need, i can upload picture of my laptop ic panel ( burnt part )