Question My laptop is not charging and when plug the cable motherboard getting hot

Apr 2, 2019
I was using my Hp pavilion 15 laptop without problem. After I shut it down, I couldn't reopen it. When I plug the charging cable, normally the charging light turns to white but it is not happening right now. When I plug the cable, a small part of the motherboard is getting hot. I couldn't figure it out the reason.
**I didn't make any hardware changes.
**I already tried the removing BIOS battery.
**I already tried removing battery and charging cable and pressing power button for 3 seconds.
**I checked the adapter, it is working.
**I checked the power outlet of the adapter cable.
**I checked the power inlet of the laptop.

Heat means the board is getting power, but zero response means there's usually some electronic/electrical failure somewhere. If you have a daughter board for the power button, you can try replacing that and the cable that bridges it to the main board (if there is one).

Fair chance that the main board needs to be serviced or altogether replaced. You might want to get a local tech's opinion if you're not confident about troubleshooting the hardware.