Oct 12, 2020
Hello. I have an Overpowered OP-LP1. I've had it for about a year, and these issues started approximately 1.5 months ago in the middle of September.

My laptop will randomly start to response as if I'm pressing multiple keys. Spamming it for a while, this will also start and stop randomly, rarely the keyboards keys will also just stop responding to presses, restarting the laptop usually seemed to reset it for a while. Eventually I figure it's possible something was stuck under the keys, so I took off the keys, and tried to clean outthe keyboard entirely, as the laptop has removable keycaps. This fixed the issue for a while, and it was functioning alright for about a month. The issue started again recently, I removed all the keycaps, went at it with an electronics duster and cleaned it back out again but it didn't fix the issue this time. One detail to add is that this started happening around the same time the included software (OP Control Center) stopped working to control the backlighting of my keyboard. I've tried reinstalling and uninstalling the software, and even going into the bios but the backlight wasn't fixable. Then it started just working on it's ownn, coincedentally the keyboard was fine the entire time the backlight was working, and when the backlight stopped working the keyboard started acting up again.

I also ran a full Malwarebytes scan, wondering if it was actually some kind of malware that was causing this, but Malwarebytes didn't return anything. I've noticed this happens most when the laptop is running fairly hot, usually when I'm in game or streaming video. I looked into disabling the default keyboard entirely and simply using an external keyboard I have, but that didn't work either as the keyboard doesn't disable even when I go into Device Manager and uninstall it. I'm at my wits end with this, so any help would be appreciated.