Question My laptop powers on, the fans spin, but I have no display

Jan 13, 2022
just got the pc 30 min then a black screen i tryed to reboot but nothing

Clevo P771dm-g
I7 6700k
32 gb RAM
525 gb MX 300 ssd
2 * 2 tb baracoda
Gtx 980m 8gb

the pc had a problem with some bent pins i fix that problem i start reparing windows it works and sedenly the screen goes black try to rebot nothing
i send it to repair and the repair guy said its some mosfets he replaced them the pc works then when he send it to me i press the start botten but i got the same problem that e fixed it
The problem is
laptop start about 30 secends then the fans go to max speed and beep code (21-22beeps total) a beep every 2 or 3 seconds and blinking orange power LED every secend then the pc shut down.