Question My laptop seems to turn on but the screen stays black. I can't reach the BIOS and can't get the laptop to boot.

Dec 17, 2019
Hi guys,

Laptop: Lenovo Yoga 500-14IBD 80N4012GNX Windows 10
I was hoping maybe one of you knows what to do. My girlfriend’s laptop does not turn on anymore (not how it is supposed to). But let me start at the beginning of the story.

First my girlfriend called me and said to me her laptop was broken (no physical damage) and giving her a bluescreen. See picture: View:
. (the picture shows a kernel issue in Dutch). With this I thought that it will be a windows problem and possibly an easy fix. She clicked one of the keys and got this message: View:

So, I when I got to her laptop the next day, I tried booting it up. I got the same bluescreen only with the [ESC] option, so I tried that, but the screen went black and I believe off. I waited for a bit, but it did not change so I turned the laptop off by holding the power button. When I restarted it, it went straight to the black screen (keyboard lighting works it’s even adjustable and fan spins up). I googled the problem and read I should try to hold the power button for said amount of time and then try again. I got it to work once (same bluescreen) but it went back from blue to black screen when I tried to do anything. Now I can’t get to the bluescreen at all.

Can anybody help me with this problem?
I already tried: Turning off, taking out the battery then holding the power button for 20 seconds. Putting in the charger and trying again. I tried to take out the ram and putting it back in. I tried disconnecting the screen en reconnecting it. I tried to use a HDMI cable to my monitor to see if the screen is broken (nothing happened). Taking out the hardrive so I could maybe reach the BIOS (also backing up files).

Any help is really helpful, thanks in advance!