Question My laptop suddenly doesn't detect the dedicated GPU


Apr 1, 2020
Yesterday some of my keys stopped working and I started hitting slowly, without much power on the back of the laptop to get all the crumbs and dirt and whatever out of my keyboard.
After that the keys were still not working and I got mad and i hit my laptop on the left side ( in the WASD zone, where my keys were not working), after hitting with a bit of force my keys started working again. I played a game for some hours without any problem and then i've put my laptop on sleep mode, after i got home and started some games I saw that they were laggy, also saw that my nvidia control panel dissapeared and my driver had a yellow warning with error code 43 or something like that.
I tried everything:
  • Uninstalling the driver with DDU and install it again from nvidia's site (3-4 times)
  • Installing using geforce experiecne
  • Open the laptop and try to "move" and press on the gpu (gpu seemed completely fine)
  • I even changed the thermal paste after I checked the gpu
  • Removing Ram, HDD, Battery, Bios Battery and every single thing you can remove from a laptop
  • Reinstall the windows
I want to mention that I was hitting the laptop in the past too when I was mad, but again, in the same spot, on its left side and my gpu and processor is on on its right side. Everyting works perfect instead of the dedicated gpu. CPU-z does't recognize it nor dxdiag nor windows but somehow nvidia driver intaller manages to check my components and install the driver.

Sorry for typos.
Also, any ideas or anything would be appreciated, thanks!