Question My laptop turns off video signal while gaming

Jan 7, 2023
Hello guys,
Im using an Aorus 15P with 3070 mobile since 1 year ago and works pretty well, now while im playing any game, mostly with Tarkov, the game crash(sometimes) and the laptop turns off the video signal, i can hear youtube or discord in the background but everything is black. This is constantly, every 1-2 match i lost the signal and have to restart windows.

The Windows event log says "Kernel Error 41 63" with "Bugcheck code 0"

List of things i tried:
  • Reinstall windows 11
  • Edit battery plans to high performance
  • Reinstalling the game
  • Tried with Boost mode and normal mode in Aorus Control Center, idk how it works
  • Tried with another psu cable
  • Updated Nvidia drivers using safe mode and DDU
  • Reinstalling BIOS
What can i do? should i RMA the laptop? Seems that every driver is updated