Question My laptop wifi connection gone wired recently

Feb 5, 2019
I have a 2 year old laptop.
Lenovo ideapad 110 with and a8 7410 apu,
comes with redeon r5 graphics.
I have install a 8gb Ram, 120gb ssd for system, and 1tb 2.5 for storage.
This laptop basically 24/7, mainly use for botting online games like RO etc using nox player, sometimes heavy downloading.
I know task like these should be handle by a low cost desktop, but it's a free gift, so I don't want to waste to much money on casual gaming.

Now, recently wired thing happened to my wife connection between the laptop and the router.
For your knowledge, my router is in the corner of my room, and the laptop is besides me, no more than 5 feet between the router and laptop.
For some reason, my 5ghz connection keeps disconnecting frequently, sometimes 30 mins, sometimes maybe after 4~5 hours, and once disconnected, it couldn't find 5ghz network again, but the 2.4ghz network runs fine.
On my tablet and handphone can still use the 5ghz network without any problem.
I have tried restarting the modem, the router. But nothing helps.
The only solution is to restart the laptop.
Is it I need to replace the wifi pcie in the laptop?