Question My last attempt to try to fix the gameplay.


Jan 12, 2011
This will be my last attempt to get things working. I have tried many ways to fix the gaming issues but without succes. My issue is still the same.... bad hit detection, lag , delay or something like that.

I have had this issue since I built my first gaming PC in 2003. The long story short: It looks like I start shooting first but nothing happens or I get tons of hit markers. Still I'm the one who was easy to kill. I have built 5 gaming PCs since the year 2003, getting hints and guidances from pro builders and pro gamers. I have changed ISP, changed NIC settings, adjusting and fine tuning Windows and games. Seems I'm cursed... At least I know I have a good eye-hand coordination and aiming is swift. With working things I would be way more harder enemy.

Today: This is my gaming stuff and other systems:
  • Ryzen 3800X + X570 mobo (stock bios settings)
  • 16 gigs of RAM (tried 3000, 3200 and 3600 mhz)
  • RTX 2080 gpu
  • monitors: 120 hz SUW, 144 hz eSports monitor, 200 hz gaming monitor and 120 hz 65" smart TV (around 6 ms input lag) (just one of them connected at a time)
  • 1 Gbps/50 mbits wired cable connection + Fritzbox 6591 router/modem (ports open and priorisation settings active)
  • Network settings: various settings with TCP Optimizer and CMD (used many guides I found from the Net)
  • games: COD... 3, 4, 5, 6.... BF 3, 4, 5. Star Wars... etc.
  • Location: Finland, ISP Elisa
  • network tests: 0% dropped packets, jitter 0 to 2 ms, bufferbloat 5 to 30 ms
One thing what I have noticed is that the higher the server ping the better the hit detection. Atm I have played only Cod 5 on two servers. One has around 40 ping and the other has around 120. Hit detection is bad on the low ping server but way better on the server with higher ping.

I'm asking help to suggest me the best possible network settings and other useful things. I do can read guides all around the net but what I need is real personal experiences. If I can't get things working better, even a little bit, I quit gaming because I'm sick and tired to struggle with this everlasting issue.

Thanks in advance... pls help me.


Sep 29, 2020
bad hit detection, lag , delay

Your PC seems to be pretty good. No overheating problems?
I gather your TV runs at a 60Hz refresh rate.

Have you had any internet problems?
Are you running off wifi or ethernet?
What Speedtest result do you get?
Can you try different game servers?
A ping over 20 is not real good.
Speed test ping from your server to another. If they are a long way apart then you might get a long ping.