Question My LCD Monitor turns blank then back to normal again when connected to hdmi

Dec 15, 2019
Hi, so recently i bought an LCD Monitor so that I can connect an hdmi cable from my laptop to my monitor. When i watch youtube videos and surfing the web, all is fine until I start playing fps games. After 5 to 8 minutes of gameplay my screen will go blank then reappears fine again for about 5 seconds, after the first blackout, visible thin black horizontal lines can be seen. When that happens it will certainy go blank again for another 3 to 5 seconds.
My laptop is using:
Nvidia gtx 1050
Intel i7 HD Graphic 630
12gb of ram

Laptop screen only runs at 60hz, but my monitor can run up to 144hz thats why i decided to get a monitor. My laptop can support high fps from 120 to 200+. Just that when it is after 8 minutes approximately of gameplay the problem emerges.

What I have done:
Updated BIOS
Swap Cables
Reinstall Nvidia gtx 1050
Disable audio on the monitor
Turn on V-Sync but my monitor has free-sync

Can anyone help me out, I'll am grateful for any answers.