Question My m.2 drive wont show in bios or windows setup :(

Sep 14, 2019
I recently built a new pc, with a prime b450 plus mobo, 2tb hard drive and a xpg m.2 ssd 256gb drive. When i first built the pc i installed windows onto the ssd and all worked beautifully. Around a week later, i entered the bios to view my fan speeds, exited the bios and was confronted with the windows 0xc000000e error saying that essential boot files were unavailable or corrupt (i may be incorrect with the official windows error or windows diagnosis!). I plugged in my repair tool and tried all of the repair options to no luck as they all returned their own errors. I even went to the extent of unplugging the hard drive and the m.2 was still N/A. I unplugged the m.2 and replugged it to see if that worked and it still did not. The problem is either with the m.2 itself or my lack of bios knowledge. If anybody would be able to help me or offer advice it would be highly appreciated!