Question My MAC is HACKED beyond my control

Sep 28, 2020
Hello there,

Hope someone here has the knowledge to help me secure my macbook pro 2019 edition.

In my current situation I have no access to my router, so I assume the hackers have full control of my network.

My MAC was hacked, so i went into recovery mode, deleted partiontions and formated the HD, then reinstailled macOS from scratch.

After installation was completed, I closed the firewall and installed bitdefender and VPN. Did a complete scan and it found nothing.

I installed nothing else.

Couple of hours after the hackers where right back in, (im not imagining things) - activating drop downs, changing movie files and adjusting volume. ETC. Messing with me.

Downloaded MacOS to a external USB and did the install again. With the same result. Hackers were right back in, with ease.

So my question is.

1) How the heck is this possible??

2) How can I secure my mac then?

Hope some wizard here, has an easy solution - so I can get some peace of mind.

Well.....if true....

First thing i would do is remove everything from your network, any extra computers, tablets, and Internet of Things.
Second would be to reinstall your MAC computer while off the network, you might need a secondary computer outside your network and download drivers.
Third i would call my ISP explain what is happening and ask for a new external IP address, which might result in getting a new router.
If the ISP is unwilling to give you a new IP or switch out modem i would move on to the following.

Once your MAC is reinstalled, factory default your router. Once defaulted log into the router and reset the user name a password to something very strong. I would also recommend changing your wifi password as well.
Sep 28, 2020
Thank for the reply.

But the virus resides somewhere within the kernal.

I need help from someone with similar hacking expertise, to tell me how to locate and remove the virus.

I don't have access to the router since it's not mine. I'm just borrowing the connection. My VPN would solve all of this, when the virus is gone.