My Maxtor external hard disk is not working,,, pls helphttp://img.toms




Can anyone help me?
My Maxtor external hard disk is not working anymore. I have put lots of important files in there and i had jux bought for 1week only.
Whenever I click on that, it say "Your hard disk has not been formatted yet, Want to format?" sth like that
and whenever i look its properties it show boh free space, capacity "0 GB" on both
I need my files back!!!! pls help me
I am abroad so i can't send to service centre and i ll be living here for still along time

Can anyone help me?

If there is solution for that please send me to this email

I am willing to c lots of helps and solutions from you which make my hard disk as good as new

esp i need my files back

Thank you very much so much