Question My memory is not recognised

Nov 1, 2019
Yesterday, I moved all of my parts minus the power supply to a new case with a new power supply (600W rather than 350W). On the first attempt to boot, my 'DRAM_LED' is fully lit and my speaker is beeping the beep code for 'No memory detected'.
[I have an ASUS M5A97 R2.0 MotherBoard, ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1070, AMD FX CPU, Patriot DDR3 8GB RAM, EVGA 600W PSU]
I have moved the ram stick between each of the 4 DIMM slots and replaced it with a stick of Corsair 8gb DDR3 and still the beep sequence continues. I see nothing on my monitor and have also replaced the CMOS battery but still nothing? Any help?


It looks like you upgrade the pc with new case, new PSU, new GPU, because the 350W PSU can not power up the gtx1070. So try to use the old parts to see your PC will boot or not.

If it does, the problem related to the case, maybe like the electric short circuit between the case and the MB. Or the PSU can not handle the gtx1070, or the gtx1070 has problem. Or the GPU driver, etc.

If the PC will not boot, even you use the old parts, that means there is something happens during you move the MB with other parts into the new case. Because the gpu or cpu cooler is too heavy, and they maybe bent the cpu socket or pcie slot, etc.


Like Cin19 said "electric short circuit between the case and the MB" Did you check and make sure all the standoffs were in the right places? May need to reseat the CPU. You do have the 8 pin CPU power connected to the motherboard? GPU power connected? If just one memory stick it goes in A2.
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