[SOLVED] My Micro SD card is completely corrupted and freezes my PC

May 6, 2022
I was recently switching phones and after shutting down my old phone and taking out the card and leaving it for some time I tried putting it back into my new phone. Before doing so I wanted to format it as the data on it was unimportant to me, but when I put the card into an adapter the PC froze when I right-clicked on the icon in explorer. Single-click and format through Q.A Toolbar didn't work trying to open and read files froze explorer to the point that I have to open Task manager and restart it.
Try to use it through a USB card reader? Nope. Full size SD card adapter? Nope. Try to format it with my phone? Nope. Using several different pieces of recovery software? Same results as explorer. Im not concerned with the data on the card, but the micro sd card itself is a 128 GB card that I would like to keep. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!