My mobo not supporting my ram!


Dec 25, 2007
I recently bought 2gigs of crucy ram running at 1066mhz...but SIW is reading that the ram is set at 800mhz >:| And my mobo specs say that it only supports up to 800mhz. So does this mean that the mobo brought the ram DOWN to 800mhz or is the ram at 1066, but my system can only read it as 800mhz.

From a strict technical standpoint, there is no standard definition for "DDR2 1066" - it is all 800Mhz stuff which is intended on being overclocked. Because of this, many computers won't default to 1066 speeds. Since your computer defaulted the memory to 800, go into the bios and (1) set the memory voltage to the maker's specs (should be about 2.1v), then (2) set the memory divider to run the stuff at 1066. Reboot.