Question My moniter goes black and then turns back on again randomly.


Jul 20, 2017
Hi so I have an issue with my moniter. Every hour or 2 the screen just goes black for 3 seconds then turns back on happens randonly usually when I am playing games. And when I plug in my headphones in my front headphone jack on my pc case the screen also goes black for 5 seconds and back on again (This happens while hearing a static voice in my headphones) also quick note when I am playing games the screen goes black but I can still hear the game in the background and can still move around in the game. I figured it must be a faulty display driver so I clean installed the drivers...same issue. Maybe it's a faulty HDMI cable? NOPE same issue with the new HDMI cable. I disabled AMD HDMI link assurance still the same issue. Set sleep and diming the screen to never still same issue. I will write my PC specs just to maked things easier on you guys to hopefully find a solutions cuz I am out of ideas!
CPU: Ryzen 5 2600X 3.7GHZ
GPU: AMD RX 570 8gb OC
Motherboard: MSI B450M
Storage: 1T HDD and 500GB SSD
PSU: 750W
Moniter: ASUS VP228
Mouse: Logitech G102
Keyboard: Some cheap ass keyboard called Rampage with only blue back light and no RGB xD
So I hope you guys can help me and thank you.
Oct 7, 2013
I had the exact problem with my monitor. It would turn off for a very brief moment and turn back on. I did some test. I used another monitor and the problem was gone so source of the problem was the monitor I found. Then did some search and to my knowledge in my case it could be a bad or faulty component like a capacitor.

I mean it could be a video cable, could be your bios being overclocked or some voltage setting in your bios, could be a bad driver, bad windows setting that related to your monitor like sleep mode and such. You have to do the whole troubleshooting and think of everything. I listed here a couple of things very briefly what you could switch or check. You might wanna switch video card or use the internal one as well and check your monitor if it does the same thing.