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Question My Moniter has 3k Quality?


Mar 8, 2016
This is my Monitor https://www.nec-display.com/ap/en_display/old/lcd_ea261_191/spec_ea221wm.html
This is the 3k quality View: https://imgur.com/a/2CTD6s3

I don't ever recal installing a program that forces high resolution, or any resolution modifier in the matter, but for some reason
the monitor has 3k resolution and soo does every game i have in my pc, and heck it has an incredible quality, edges look soo smooth , unlike anything i have ever experienced, it doesn't look bugged
Its quality changed like crazy...so did the fps...

whats going on? why does it have this option? i don't have any OC programs


Win 10 Master
Monitor - its max should be 1680 x 1050, not 3k.

that is an odd reaction from windows, as if its scaled to 200% it means it thinks panels native resolution is much bigger than 3360 x 2100, and its shrinking it to be that resolution. I had a 4k monitor before my current one, and windows ran it at 150% scale. It meant it was actually running at 2k

Click on Advanced display settings, does windows know what monitor you have?? Its possible it is mis identifying it.